Tools – English edition

Imagine a surgeon without a scalpel or painter without a brush. We cannot imagine a trainer without a professional workshop. That is why we offer a proven set of training tools. During the classes, you will learn to design and conduct business training. You will experience the satisfaction of being a trainer.

The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life

Who is the school for?

For all those who are involved in conducting workshops, training sessions, discussion groups and would like to perfect these skills in English. We also invite candidates for trainers, for whom English is or will be the primary language of communication in the workplace. Our classes are attended by representatives of various professions, who teach specialized content such as: computer scientists, financiers, economists, psychologists and others. We also host incompany trainers who conduct product and soft training sessions. The classes are also attended by those who still do not have any experience working with people and would like learn how to teach at a high level, and prepare for difficult situations which they may encounter. Attention! Our school is not a language school, so the classes will focus more on the substantive issues than the language.

Benefits of participation:

  • You will gain skills to build training programs
  • You will learn and master various training tools
  • you will improve the ability to activate and control a group
  • You will gain the skills to cope with difficult training situations
  • you will improve your self-presentation skills

What distinguishes us?

  • Experience in conducting business schools for trainers since the year 2000
  • CCompleted over 50 editions of schools and over 600 graduates
  • Authorial methodology described in the „Trainer’s Handbook”
  • Unique Evidence-Based Training approach in Poland
  • Career counseling for business trainers


Methodological directorship is conducted by dr Tomasz Witkowski and dr Sławomir Jarmuż. The school consists of six sessions (90 hours in total). Classes are held on weekends (Saturday-Sunday).